Aug 212019

Parenting in a social media world

parenting in a social media world

Everything is not always awesome in real life, but we compare our real with other’s social media perfection. Please stop! Parenting in a social media world, is fraught with dangers. Heck. Personing, humaning, just being,…Continue Reading

Aug 152019

The secret of life revealed

the secret of life

Most people spend their whole lives wondering what the purpose of life is. What is the secret? Well, I have found it and it will change your life. I have discovered the most important lesson…Continue Reading

Aug 092019

Mind control in the 21st century

world schooling

Mind control is real and still very much done today, however we have been programmed not to recognise it. Today it’s called something very socially acceptable … As I walk into the factory the hairs…Continue Reading