Jan 032021

2020: The sacred year

2020 the year of years

As 2020 drew its last breath, and the people around the world were cheering its demise, I couldn’t help but feeling a pang of sadness on its behalf. 2020 gave us its heart and soul.…Continue Reading

Sep 092020

I am One

Unlock the true you

For the first time in my life I realised that I’m not really me. And so started the journey of rediscovering who I am. I’m two different people every day.One is accepted andthe other shies…Continue Reading

Aug 292020

8 Months in China

Beijing with kids

Life is not meant to be lived in one place. There are few statements I agree with as much as this one. Over the last 8 months our life has been turned upside down (on…Continue Reading

Aug 212019

Parenting in a social media world

parenting in a social media world

Everything is not always awesome in real life, but we compare our real with other’s social media perfection. Please stop! Parenting in a social media world, is fraught with dangers. Heck. Personing, humaning, just being,…Continue Reading

Aug 152019

The secret of life revealed

the secret of life

Most people spend their whole lives wondering what the purpose of life is. What is the secret? Well, I have found it and it will change your life. I have discovered the most important lesson…Continue Reading

Aug 142019

The greatest lie ever told

We are one

We are all different yes, but we are really all the same. We are all The One. Separation is the great lie. The lines are blurring Between black and white. How did I ever believe…Continue Reading

Aug 112019

Are you living or surviving?

cabin in the woods

Settling for what’s comfortable is not living life to the fullest. How much are you really living, or are you just surviving? Feeling utterly sucked in by everything that is going on at the moment.…Continue Reading

Aug 102019

Leap of faith

Leap of faith

Taking the next step is frightening. Know that you have the strength you need to take that leap of faith. The wind is whipping through my hair, A warm breeze on my cheeks. But tears…Continue Reading

Aug 092019

Mind control in the 21st century

world schooling

Mind control is real and still very much done today, however we have been programmed not to recognise it. Today it’s called something very socially acceptable … As I walk into the factory the hairs…Continue Reading