Our Family

Our Family

The world is big, and there is so much to learn. As we learn we grow and change. There is just too much to do and see for us to stay in one place.

I have an unusual dream. One I never really dared to entertain, because “it’s not how it’s done”. But over the course of the last 4 years, I have seen that dream come to life, and I know it will grow with each day, because I intend it to.

A journey of a life time

We dream about traveling the world as a family. We dream about giving our children an unconventional education, without desks and tests, without scores and textbooks. An education directly from the source. An education filled with awe and wonder, meeting new people and falling in love with cultures different from our own. Creating a new tribe, a world tribe, who cherishes “different” and embraces new.

This is how “Family around the World” started. Because when you travel, as all wanderers know, your family is everywhere, and everyone is family.

Family near and family far

We are the Bennemeers. Family of five, from South Africa. Currently exploring in Prague, Czech Republic. Our twins were born in 2010, and baby Kay arrived in 2015. Just before Christmas 2016, we hopped on a plane and moved our life to Prague (though it was not quite as easy as hopping on …).

Many more adventures await us, and we can’t wait! You are welcome to share our journey, which is physical and spiritual. We will share with you where we go, what we do and the meaning we find in journeying around the world. But whether you are here or there, stay in one place or move around, there is purpose and meaning in all of it. We are following our heart in our journey on this planet, I hope you have the courage to follow yours.

Love, Christelle