Jan 032021
2020: The sacred year

As 2020 drew its last breath, and the people around the world were cheering its demise, I couldn’t help but feeling a pang of sadness on its behalf.

2020 gave us its heart and soul. But the poor year was being scolded, told off and, like a “bad puppy”, made to sit in the corner for having had an accident on the carpet.

Yes, it was difficult. Yes, many people lost their loved ones, their jobs, their livelihood. I’m not saying any of that is “good”. Perhaps I’m saying it was necessary. Don’t kill me. Wait a moment.

We’ve become so wrapped up in our busy-ness that we’ve lost sight of all the important things in life. We’ve lost our hearts and stopped caring about others, because our own “struggles” were so time consuming. Standing in a “long” queue at the store was such a waste of time. Playing with our kids on the floor was difficult. Spending days on end with our families at home was unthinkable. Calling or visiting a parent was such a bore. Until the queues were much longer… Until there was only your family at home for days… Until you weren’t allowed to see your parent apart from a drive-by wave.

I believe 2020 had a sacred purpose. A purpose that we still struggle to see, even now that it has ended and we look ahead to 2021, the baby brother, filled with shiny new possibilities, hopes and dreams (and dare I say, still much of our pre-2020 ideas).

Olympic athletes don’t curse the track, the gym or the training. They know how valuable it is. They love it. They know they need it. It might be difficult, it might push them beyond their limits, but … that’s what it’s supposed to do! Push the boundaries. Unleash their strength and build their endurance.

2020’s sacred purpose was to push the boundaries of our hearts. To show us what we’ve been missing out on… connection. Connection with ourselves and each other. To help us cut the ropes that money, “success”, business and materialism have put on us. To reconnect with our inner being, with our children, with our loved ones. But it didn’t stop there! People have opened their hearts to strangers in a way that we haven’t seen for a long time. It has set in motion a wave of love around the globe that I sincerely hope will continue resonating, changing lives and bringing people together.

So, you see. If 2020 was a gym, we would acknowledge that training and getting fit is hard, but good. We wouldn’t be cursing it. We shouldn’t be cursing this precious year of years, for bringing us what it was created to bring. Connection. Appreciation. Gratitude. Love. We should be thanking it.

Thank you, dearest 2020. May we learn our lesson and never again come to a point where something like this is necessary. You did what you were supposed to do. You’ve fulfilled your purpose! Now, may we fulfill ours and LOVE with the fullness of our Being.

*I felt inspired to write this, after special chat with a very special friend*

**I’m not saying in any way that people’s hardships through this year are any less hard. I’m not down-playing what happened. My heart is with everyone who lost someone in 2020…I also lost someone very, very special.

***I don’t believe in such a thing as a “bad puppy” or “bad dog”.

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