Sep 092020
I am One

For the first time in my life I realised that I’m not really me. And so started the journey of rediscovering who I am.

I’m two different people every day.
One is accepted and
the other shies away.
From her discerning looks,
her deep and probing gaze
I know she sees right through me
And sets my soul ablaze.
I stand gazing at the door
The one that sets me free
But to open it I have no clue
Where do I find the key?

I’ve looked in many places
To see where I might find
But the answer to this riddle
Isn’t hidden in my mind.
To people I’ve asked many times
Countless books I’ve read to learn,
Where might be the answer
The key for this lock to turn?

Yet the arrows all point back to me
To my heart, I must embrace
The true nature of who I am
My true heart I have to face.
And love what I find hidden
Though it might seem a curse to some.
To know your heart is wisdom
To come back to being One.

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