Aug 292020
8 Months in China

Visiting a Chinese Hutong, we love dragons and there are no shortage of those in China!

Life is not meant to be lived in one place.

There are few statements I agree with as much as this one. Over the last 8 months our life has been turned upside down (on purpose and also not so much), and we have grown in ways that we never expected (which is also the purpose of life, to grow and learn and become).

From the moment our feet touched Chinese soil in Beijing the day after Christmas, we felt welcomed. People have been friendly and accepting (with the occasional stare – especially when we’re out as a family). The energy is vibrant and alive. Busy and buzzing. We were treated like VIPs by my school and found our apartment (and moved in) within 3 days.

Our community is friendly and accepting, and the kids have a large group of friends. Some of them come knocking every day and they spend hours playing outside.

Of course, the first months were a challenge. Corona virus struck just before Chinese New Year, and we were largely stuck at home. But, with a grateful heart. We were safe. We weren’t too restricted, just masks up and temperature checks everywhere we went. People were respectful of the rules (largely), and our community was closed to any outsiders. Our summer was spent mostly at home, which helped us settle in. Thank goodness for fantastic delivery services, and being able to get absolutely anything delivered to the community gate (no outsiders allowed remember – and now we’re back to door deliveries… Woohoo! The lazy man’s heaven!).

I embarked on my online teaching career, without ever meaning to. And what a fantastic, exhausting, fulfilling and amazing experience. Now, one week before it’s back to school (for real), I’m so grateful for everything we went through. I learnt so much, teaching online. I learnt how much I’m capable of and how to keep 10 kids engaged and interacting on-screen. I had the most amazing time with so many gorgeous children, laughing and playing and having a ball, all online. It has stretched me as a person and a teacher, and even though it was tough, it was worth it!

Starting to get back into normalcy, and planning all our Beijing and China adventures. I can’t wait! We had a great time, slowing down. And with our new knowledge of self, we’re ready to explode into the world again, as new beings. Evolved, deeper, more in tune.

Next stop…The Great Wall, and huge Life List check!

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