Aug 152019
The secret of life revealed

Most people spend their whole lives wondering what the purpose of life is. What is the secret? Well, I have found it and it will change your life.

I have discovered the most important lesson we can ever learn in life, and I want to share it with you. It is brilliant! It is the Elixir of Life. It is what gives life meaning and purpose, transforming any metaphorical metal into pure gold. If you have this one, incredible secret, and use it in your life every day, you will live longer even! You will be healthy and happy and prosperous.

It is not in faith and religion. It is not in finding your calling or in relationships. It is not travelling, working, eating, having a family or building up a successful business.

The most important lesson in life, the secret, the centre of gravity around which life turns … are you ready? Are you sitting closer? I’ll tell you.

The purpose of life is … to jump in muddy puddles!!

I’m not kidding.

Maybe you should read it again, you look a little confused.

The purpose of life is to jump in muddy puddles.

When was the last time you did that? If you’re rolling your eyes right now, you might need more puddle jumping that you think.

We had a huge storm yesterday that lasted only about twenty minutes. When the sun came out again, Kayleigh came and asked if she could go outside and jump in the muddy puddles. And the most incredible thing happened. I agreed! So she put on her little pink unicorn rain boots, all excited, and we went out into the street (we live in a very quiet block). She ran exuberantly from one puddle to the next, jumping and splashing until the water was more inside her boots than out! The sloshing when she ran was hilarious!

But the best part of it was the look of absolute joy and excitement on her face. She was laughing and splashing and I was laughing along with her. It was contagious! I stood there, in awe of her joy, drinking in her giggles and fun, and the simplicity of it hit me. Life is about jumping in muddy puddles!

Life is about coming back to our fun, our joy and excitement. About laughing out loud, being silly and not caring what others think. We have forgotten what it’s like to jump in muddy puddles. We have forgotten what it’s like to climb trees, race our bikes, roll down the hill and spin until we drop.

We have forgotten what it’s like to live!

Life is fun. Life is joy. Life is laughing, awe, wonder and excitement.

May you find that again. May you remember what it is to truly live. May you put on your pink, sparkly unicorn rain boots, and jump in some fabulous muddy puddles!

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