Aug 142019
The greatest lie ever told

We are all different yes, but we are really all the same. We are all The One. Separation is the great lie.

The lines are blurring
Between black and white.
How did I ever believe
I was right
And you were wrong?
It took so long
To see that truth is grey.
My lines are blurring
I’m fading away
But not into oblivion.

I’m finally seeing
What was always there;
That you and I
Are everywhere,
But you are me
And I am you
There is no line
Between the two.
There’s no such thing
As you or I,
There’s just The One,
What divides us is a lie.

With a deep breath
I now dissolve
The me, myself and I.
Allowing the One
To flow through me
Bringing me back to
Centre gravity.
To be all I am
Meant to be
For all eternity
The All, The One…


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