Jul 142018
Children in Prague: Baby carrier or Stroller?

You are traveling to Prague with your small children, and you can’t decide between a stroller and a baby carrier. This is our experience.

Don’t take a stroller when seeing Prague with kids

Prague is one of the (if not the) most child friendly cities in the world. There is so much to do, I don’t think we’ll soon run out of novelties. Which also means our children are constantly excited and silly. Which is completely okay (most of the time, let me just be honest…).

We had a wonderful first winter here. Kayleigh was about 18 months old, and the twins were 6. Our first big trip into the city was Charles Bridge and Old Town, and we walked almost 11 kilometres that day with the children. A few days later we went on a boat trip on the Vltavá River and another trip was to Prague Castle. All of this we did with Kay riding in her stroller. What a hassle!

Believe it or not, but a thousand years ago castles weren’t built with strollers in mind (as opposed to what … modern day castles?). When you think about a trip to Prague, think lots of steps, narrow alleys, winding staircases. Not much fun with a stroller. Plus, if you want to see the Astronomical clock while pushing a baby around, it gets even worse with the big crowds hanging around to see the hourly chiming (talking from experience here).

Our visit to Prague Castle was so much more difficult that it could have been. My Handyman had to carry a folded stroller with all the bags up a million steps, while I carried Kay, and both of us trying to keep track of excited 6 year olds. There is a reason that I have so many pictures of the Golden Lane inside the Castle complex … because I had to wait there, with Kay in the stroller, for what felt like an hour, while the kids and dad walked inside the castle wall. So …

A baby carrier is the secret that will save your Prague family trip

The best thing you can do for yourself, and your family, is to have a baby carrier. Trust me. If you don’t have one, you need to get one. Learn from our mistake. If you think it will be too hot or too heavy to carry your child around the city, visualise the image of daddy carrying a stroller and you carrying your child in your arms. It will not be fun. It will be hot and heavy too. Don’t get me wrong, you will see a lot of parents with strollers in Prague. Locals. Not travellers. They’ve seen what they wanted to see, you haven’t. And won’t either, if you struggle with a stroller ;).

What baby carrier will you need?

Not sure what to get? This is what we recommend:

(These are affiliate links. You don’t pay anything extra when you use them, but we earn a small commission. This helps us see the world with our children. We will never recommend a bad product just for money.)

  • For small babies, front carriers are great (by the way, this is how I managed when Kay was born and we had the 5 year old twins at home full time – Mommy’s extra pair of hands!)

{Link to baby wrap and baby front carriers}

  • For toddlers a backpack carrier is wonderful. It has great back support and lots of space to pack your necessities (snacks, drinks, lots of wet wipes …), and your little one will have an incredible view over heads, not peering up from between all the legs. Bliss.

{Link to backpack carriers}

So, if I can just do one thing to make your trip to Prague easier and even more memorable, it is this: Leave the stroller, take the carrier.

I really hope I helped you create your dream trip to Prague, and to realise (if you haven’t yet) that it is absolutely possible to travel when you have children. You just need the right help, a good sense of humour and that sense of adventure you already have. Be flexible and pack loads of wet wipes … always ;).

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